New-look Sebastopol clinic is taking shape

FACE-LIFT works are moving fast at Ballarat Community Health’s Sebastopol location.

Source: The Ballarat Courier see original article here

FACE-LIFT works are moving fast at Ballarat Community Health’s Sebastopol location. In a sneak preview for key community partners on Tuesday, the Sebastopol Health Centre is already significantly more spacious with modern technology.

BCH chief executive officer Robyn Reeves said it was important Sebastopol have progressive and responsive care that will benefit residents long-term.

“Facilities were looking tired and it will be fantastic to see something sparkling new,” Ms Reeves said.

“This is going to bring the building into the 21st century. This was modern when it was first built in 1989 but it was in need of a face-lift.”

Works started on the Vickers Street location in September. Corridors are wider and the floor plan has been reconfigured to create more multi-function consultation rooms. Clinic rooms are more spacious and sleeker in design. Touch screens by each door allow a quick glance down the corridor to determine which rooms are free and when.

Reception will be opened up, lighter and more inviting. Upgrades will also create more facilities for allied health services at the hub. There will be added public meeting spaces and a community lounge.

Ms Reeve said the vision was starting to really take shape. See your ad here ”

At the moment, it’s coming up beautifully,” Ms Reeve said. “There is heaps more space.”

The building has been designed for flexibility, sustainability and future-proofing so should the service model or community needs change, building facilities can adapt. This includes capacity to increase patients treated and community engagement.

Tuesday marked the 40th anniversary since the first meeting to set up community health in Sebastopol. It has been 12 months since plans for the Sebastopol hub redevelopment started, moving the clinic towards a more progressive and responsive era of care.

The Sebastopol project has coordinated views from community groups and the City of Ballarat in a shared vision for a healthier and more resilient community.

BCH also has bases in Lucas, Wendouree and Smythesdale, establishing general practitioner clinics in areas where access to GPs was extremely limited; where new residents could not access a GP; and, where bulk billing for low income clients did not exist.

Promoting holistic well-being, BCH aims to offer quality and affordable health care for all. Outreach services are also provided at a range of BCH locations through the Central Highlands. The primary emphasis is in health promotion and illness prevention through a continued focus on service monitoring, review and evaluation.

Renovation works are set for completion in the first half of next year. Nicholson construction is conducting the renovation works for the Sebastopol clinic.

BCH programs at Sebastopol include a GP clinic, podiatry, exercise and fitness programs, dietetics, chronic disease management, and community health nursing.