City calls for Coalition to back Her Majesty’s revival

Days out from the State Election, the city is still to receive backing from the opposition for the much needed structural works to be completed on the 143-year-old building.

Visiting the site on Monday to view the start of the installation of three structural steel beams and nine steel columns which are being installed to strengthen the structure of the stage, Mayor Samantha McIntosh implored to Coalition to match Labor’s commitment for the historic theatre.

“We want to make sure Her Majesty’s has another 143 years,” she said. “When you look at this structure, you can see clearly that there needs to be some bigger picture or visionary response.

“There has been many decades of work done and at each of those stages it’s clear to see with the floors pulled up that not everyone has known the work of previous contractors.

“This means so much to us, when you look at the individuals who have responded to the campaign, we can’t ignore this and we can’t ignore the opportunity and future created if we do the right thing.”

Cr McIntosh said she saw Her Majesty’s as a project that should have “bi-partisan support”.

“I will continue to talk as long and as strong as I can with any representatives from the Liberal Party to see that we get a matching announcement,” she said.

Director Nicholson Constructions Richard Nicholson said demolition of the stage floor had been completed with the stage reconstruction due to be completed by Christmas.

He said it would enable scaffolding to be erected so workers could gain access to the roof trusses.

“What we are doing is supplementing the structure with three new steel bearers and relaying them to reconstruct the stage in a same layout and structure of the beams,” Mr Nicholson said.

“There were some surprises, but nothing so insurmountable that will stop us finishing on time. The critical part for us is to have the stage reconstructed in the next four weeks so we can erect the scaffold and have a look at what is happening.”